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The CPISRA World Games are held every 4 years and are our premier multi-sports event, embracing performance and development. Inevitably, the bid process for the next CPISRA World Games has been significantly affected by COVID-19. At the CPISRA General Assembly earlier this year, CPISRA advised our members that, because of delays in holding the site visits and the general shifting back of the sports calendar, the earliest the next CPISRA World Games could take place would be 2023.

World Games Gallery

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The Games’ emphasis is to provide a development and learning experience to help prepare athletes for future sporting success at high profile events such as the Paralympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, ASEAN Para Games and ParaPan American Games.

The World Games is aligned to the following CPISRA strategic aims:

  • Increase CP participation in sports and recreation across the world.
  • Facilitate international competition pathways for CP athletes to progress from grass roots participation to elite competition, with emphasis on Youth and High Dependency Athletes.
  • Increase and improve CP sport and recreational opportunities.
  • Following our development of Boccia and CP Football, to continue to facilitate and support the development of adaptive sports.


In accordance with the above aims, the key objectives of the CPISRA World Games are:

  • To allow CP athletes to achieve their best performance at international competition by providing appropriate conditions and services in an operationally sound environment.
  • To provide a multi-sport event that delivers a learning experience that will help prepare athletes for future sporting success at major events such as the Paralympics.
  • To create a friendly and supportive Games environment that encourages and develops athletes, team management, officials, coaches and volunteers.
  • To emphasize youth and enable high dependency athlete participation.
  • To act as a catalyst for enhancing CP opportunity and participation in sport and recreation.

2018 CPISRA World Games

In 2018, the CPISRA World Games were held in Sant Cugat, Spain and welcomed over 600 participants from 30 countries to the broadest and most exciting CPISRA World Games to date.

2018 CPISRA World Games Results

CP Football
Wheelchair Slalom

2015 CPISRA World Games

2015 saw the return of the CPISRA World Games after a 10 year break. The 2015 CPISRA World Games were hosted by CP Sport England and held in Nottingham, UK.