World CP Day 2020

CPISRA and World CP Day have partnered to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity on the quality of life for people with cerebral palsy and related conditions. World CP Day is on the 6th October, and we encourage you to take part in our Move As One event.

Together, we can get moving. Together, we can be strong.

Together, we can show the World what we can do.

We encourage you to do up to 30 minutes of physical activity at 1pm on World CP day 2020. This will create a wave of physical activity of the whole community of people with cerebral palsy all over the World – starting in New Zealand and ending in Alaska!

We encourage you to share photos and videos on the Move As One event page on Facebook so that we can all see the event travel around the World, and use the hash tag #CPMoveAsOne to share what you’re up to!

Why should we take part?

The benefit of sport on physical and mental health and well-being is undisputed, and the Paralympics, Special Olympics and Invictus Games have all done a brilliant job at bringing disability sport in to the public eye.

However, there is a World of sport and physical activity outside competitive sport and we want to encourage people with CP and related conditions to enjoy the benefits of making sport part of their everyday lives, while showcasing to the World what our community is capable of.

Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone with cerebral palsy and related conditions along with their friends, families and communities.

We encourage CPISRA members to organise an event on World CP Day, including the Move As One aspect in to their day. Please also share the event poster with your communities so as many people can take part as possible.

Suggested activities – think FUN!

These are just a few ideas, and it is not an exhaustive list. Use your imagination or do something you enjoy, anything that gets you moving for up to 30 minutes. Please consider safety in all activities and get the appropriate support when required.

  • Go for a group walk, challenge yourself to walk a certain distance – for example 1km, 2km or 5km
  • Gather for a stroll or roll with your friends and families
  • Run, cycle, RaceRun or wheel a certain distance or for a period of time
  • Try something new like rock climbing or horseriding
  • Go swimming, in your local pool or outdoors (always consider safety)
  • Play a game of boccia with your friends and family
  • Have a game of cricket, either table cricket, wheelchair cricket or ambulant cricket
  • Get outside and do some gardening
  • Have a game of football, either ambulant football, frame football or powerchair football
  • Play tennis
  • Go hillwalking and conquer a local hill (always consider safety)

Spread the Word!

As well as getting more people with cerebral palsy active and enjoying the outdoors, we want to bring the community of cerebral palsy around the World together while showing the World what we can do.

Share on Social Media

Follow and post on the Move As One event Facebook page so we can see the wave of activity moving around the World

Share your activity on the World CP Day and CPISRA Facebook pages

Tag your posts with #CPMoveAsOne

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