Wheelchair Tennis

What is Wheelchair Tennis?

Wheelchair Tennis can be played in a powerchair or manual wheelchair, and can be enjoyed recreationally and/or on a competitive level, from local to international events. There is no current ambulant competitive tennis pathways for para athletes.

Who Can Take Part?

Wheelchair Tennis can be played by all individuals who have a condition that prevents or limits their function in their legs. Difficulties with grip, trunk, coordination, or difficulty to hit a ball would also make someone eligible to play Wheelchair Tennis.


Within Wheelchair Tennis, there are two overarching classifications for individuals with all types of physical impairments.

1: The upper body does not affect the ability to play tennis but the lower body does limit or prevent someone to play tennis without a wheelchair. Men and women play separately in this classification.

2: A classification called ‘Quad’ which is for individuals who may have difficulty to propel a wheelchair across a court, difficulty with trunk function, with gripping a racket without tape and/or an assistive device, and/or with performing the forehand and backhand motions. Individuals within the ‘Quad’ classification play men and women.

International Tennis Federation

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) Wheelchair Tennis Committee governs the sport of Wheelchair Tennis. Wheelchair Tennis follows the same rules as non-disabled tennis, as endorsed by the ITF, with the only exception being that the wheelchair tennis player is allowed two bounces of the ball.