What is Para Sailing?

Sailing can be done in a number of different ways and boats can be adapted depending upon an individual’s requirements. It was first introduced in the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics as a demonstration event and started being a medal event thereafter. However, it is not in the 2020 or 2024 Paralympic schedule.

Who Can Take Part?

Sailing is an inclusive sport for all. Whilst recreational sailing can include anyone regardless of disability, only individuals with physical impairments are allowed to participate in competitive sailing.


There is no specific classification for individuals with Cerebral Palsy within Sailing. However, the classification system is based around four functional areas which are needed in sailing: stability, mobility, hand function and vision.

The classification given will then determine what type of boat / event will be participated in. Generally, individuals with the least impairment participate in the one-person keelboat and individuals with a more severe impairment participate in the three-person keelboat.

World Sailing

The Para World Sailing Committee is responsible for sailing for people with disabilities worldwide. The committee is responsible for the Paralympic Sailing Programme including Events and Equipment selection. It promotes, assesses and supports programmes for Para sailing run by their Member National Authorities (MNAs). The committee promotes all types of sailing for people with all types and degrees of disability. The values of the committee are equity, opportunity to excel and empowerment for sailors with disabilities.