CPISRA is proud to help facilitate and promote research into exercise and sport for CP and related conditions. This helps to benefit individual sports through improved techniques, training, equipment and impairment classification. Research enhances understanding and therefore assists health professionals, sporting bodies etc to encourage recreation and sport development.

Inaugural CPISRA International Conference Held in 2021

In December 2021, CPISRA held its inaugural research conference. Delegates from around the globe came together to discuss the understanding of cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury, sports science, health and social science, and participation and performance through a combination of keynote lectures, seminars and workshops. The conference was held online with excellent engagement and interaction between the various experts in the unique, interdisciplinary area of adapted physical activity and sport for individuals with cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury.

CPISRA are working on bringing our second Conference to you in Autumn/Winter 2023 – check back here for updates

Graham Condie – Research Officer

CPISRA were fortunate to have Graham Condie as a Research Officer until 31st January 2019. Graham conducted a survey in to the demand for recreation and sport camps, as well as researching Cerebral Palsy participation in sport. Two of his published articles are available to download below, as well as results of the survey conducted.

Frame Running Research

Edinburgh University and Queen Margaret University (both located in Edinburgh, Scotland) have commenced research projects into Frame Running in partnership with CPISRA. These projects have two strategic roles, the first being to address the research required by the IPC in evaluating Frame Running as a future IPC athletics event and the second to be a catalyst for CPISRA facilitating research into CP exercise and sport.

Latest Research

The below papers are not open access, but if you would like the full text please contact

Leisure Time Physical Activity in Children and Young People With Cerebral Palsy: A Population-Based Study

Cluster analysis of impairment measures to inform an evidence-based classification structure in RaceRunning, a new World Para Athletics event for athletes with hypertonia, ataxia or athetosis

The influence of lower limb impairments on RaceRunning performance in athletes with hypertonia, ataxia or athetosis

Frame Running Presentation at the 2019 European Academy of Childhood Disability Conference

Click the file below for the abstract of a presentation given on ‘The Perceived Effects of Taking Part in RaceRunning on Health and Wellbeing’ at the 2019 EACD Conference. If you would like more information, please contact the author, Marietta van der Linden, on

Frame Running Presentations at the 2019 IPC Vista

Latest Research News