CPISRA – Recreation Achievement Awards

If the monthly challenge is not for you, or you want to push yourself further, why not work towards our Achievement awards? Would you like to challenge yourself to do something more in 2021, or is there an activity you’d like to try for the first time? Are you a passionate sailor, rock climber or hill walker? Have you been working towards your own recreation-based challenge? Tell us about your ambitions or achievements and work towards a bronze, Silver and Gold award. Click below for the handbook for more information.

Submit your activity here

(Don’t forget to first email your idea to info@cpisra.org for Silver and Gold Awards for approval before you submit it here)

(Tick one box only. If you're aiming for Silver or Gold remember to first email your idea to info@cpisra.org for approval)
Please include what your activity is, how you will be completing it (e.g. running, pushing, swimming) and what challenges you had to overcome to complete it.

This page has detailed the Recreation Achievement Awards. Click here for more information on the #MoveAsOneIn2021 our monthly challenge.