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CPISRA 2021 General Assembly

The 2021 CPISRA General Assembly is a particularly crucial event as the membership will review the outturn of CPISRA’s four-year strategic transformation (2016-2020), decide priorities for the next 4 years (2021-2025) and elect Board positions.

The General Assembly will begin on 11th January and run to 8th February with the President’s closing remarks. Do not be alarmed by the timeframe indicated, the objective is to provide members with time effective and flexible ways to participate.

The GA documentation is only available to those registered to attend and can be found here. The information allows General Assembly participants time to review and digest the information at a convenient time for them, before voting or making other crucial decisions on the future of CPISRA.

Below is the proposed timelines for the General Assembly and key dates and actions Members will have to make to ensure the General Assembly runs smoothly.

Member Q&A Webinars

CPISRA will organise three webinars during the period that the General Assembly is open. These webinars will take place on the same day, but will cater for 3-time zones; Asia/Pacific (8am GMT), Europe (1pm GMT) and Americas (5pm GMT). The purpose of these webinars is to give those registered for the GA the opportunity to ask questions and debate the issues pertinent to the GA, as well as the future of CPISRA. The webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the CPISRA GA webpage. This will allow you to catch up on the thoughts, opinions, and concerns of members in other time zones.


Members can bring forward motions for debate at the General Assembly. For such debate to take place, motions must have been received no later than three months prior to the start of the General Assembly. A motion form has been enclosed with this letter, and if you wish to bring a motion forward to the General Assembly this must be returned to CPISRA at by 11th October 2020.


The General Assembly will give our members the opportunity to elect a new Board under the new constitution. The Board will include the following positions as a minimum; President, Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer.

In addition, up to two nominations will be accepted for Members At Large. Nominations must state the focus that individuals will bring to these roles, as per the connected nomination form.

Nominations should be submitted to CPISRA at by 18th December 2020. All individuals nominated will also have the opportunity to record and upload an introductory video.     


Registrations for the General Assembly opened on 2nd November. Two individuals per member will be able to register, but only one delegate will have voting rights. Registration to the General Assembly will be free to both delegates.

Registration forms have been issued to members and is also available below. Forms should be returned to  by 10th January 2021 when registration will formally close. On the 11th January a roll call of those attending the General Assembly will be announced to members.

Click below for a copy of the registration form


All voting at the General Election will be carried out electronically. The only person eligible to vote will be the voting delegate. Details of how to vote will be included in the delegate information on the website at the appropriate time.

The voting will be in two phases. The first phase will focus on the adoption of GA2018 minutes, termination of memberships, ratification of new members, acceptance of the biennial report and the financial report. This vote will open on the 25th January and close on 29th January.  The results of these votes will be announced by the scrutineers on 1st February.

The second phase of voting will open on the 1st February and close on 5th February, and will focus on the election of board members and voting on motions. The results of these votes will be announced by the scrutineers on 8th February.

It should be noted that those nominated for election to the CPISRA board can withdraw their nomination up until the results have been formally announced.

The 2021 CPISRA General Assembly will be crucial for the outlook of the organisation and will give its members the opportunity to set the future direction of the organisation. We look forward to having as many members participate as possible.