CPISRA 2022 Extraordinary General Assembly

The purpose of the 2022 CPISRA Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) is twofold. Firstly, the CPISRA Members will be asked to vote on a proposal to merge CPISRA with IWAS. If the members support this motion, they will then be asked to vote on formally dissolving CPISRA SCIO and transferring its assets to the new organisation.

The EGA will take place on the 28th November 2022 and will be a hybrid event with both face-to-face and digital participation. The in-person event will take place during the IWAS World Games at the Yellow Praia Monte Gordo Hotel in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal.

The EGA documentation can be found at the bottom of this page. The information allows EGA participants time to review and digest the information at a convenient time for them, before voting or making other crucial decisions on the future of CPISRA.

Below is the proposed timelines for the General Assembly and key dates and actions Members will have to make to ensure the General Assembly runs smoothly.

Motions – due by 28th August

Members can bring forward motions for debate at the EGA. For such debate to take place, motions must have been received no later than three months prior to the start of the EGA. A motion form has been sent to all members, and if you wish to bring a motion forward to the EGA, this must be returned to CPISRA at ega@cpisra.org by 28th August 2022.

CPISRA and IWAS Joint Membership Meetings – 28th September

CPISRA and IWAS are holding joint membership meetings on the 28th September at 08:00 British Summer Time (BST) and 18:00 BST. These meetings will give both memberships the opportunity to ask questions on the daft strategic plan and draft membership policy for the new organisation. To register for these meetings, please email lauren.mcallister@cpisra.org.

Registrations – Open 1st October

Registrations for the EGA will open on the 1st October 2022. Two individuals per Member will be able to register, but only one delegate will have voting rights. Registration forms will be issued to all Members and need to be returned by the 27th November 2022 when registrations formally close. A roll call of those attending the EGA will be taken at the opening of the EGA on the 28th November.


It should be noted that only the nominated and registered voting delegate will be eligible to vote at the EGA. In addition, it should be noted that in accordance with clause 37.6 of the CPISRA constitution, the motion to dissolve CPISRA will require a 75% (3/4) majority.

The method for voting electronically for those attending online will be conducted anonymously during the meeting.

The decisions made by the CPISRA Membership at the EGA will have a long term and beneficial impact on the global cerebral palsy sport and recreation family. The engagement of all members with full participation in the EGA is pivotol to the future of our organisation as we move to a combined CPISRA and IWAS organisation that will be fit for purpose and sustainable for deliver in the 21st century.

Documents for 2022 CPISRA EGA

CPISRA Documents
CPIWAS Documents
IWAS Documents