Development Games

CPISRA Development Games support development and education – enhancing competitive opportunities and pathways for all. We encourage Development Games to be held on a sub-regional level and members can request to hold a CPISRA Development Games at any time.


To provide a development and education experience to introduce, encourage and grow participation in a particular sport(s) and/or geographic sub region. To enhance competitive opportunities and pathways for all.

The Development Games is aligned to the following CPISRA strategic aims:

  • Increase CP participation in sports, including Para sports, CPISRA governed sports and other inclusive/disability sports
  • To grow CP sport participation across the breadth of CP physical impairment
  • Facilitate international competition pathways for CP athletes to progress from grassroots participation to elite competition
  • Increase training and development opportunities for CP athletes, coaches, technical officials, team staff and classifiers


In accordance with the above aims, the key objectives of the CPISRA Development Games are:

  • To provide a single or multi-sport event that embraces introduction and development
  • To allow development athletes to learn, develop and improve by providing appropriate conditions and services in an operationally sound environment
  • To create a friendly and supportive environment that encourages and educates athletes, team management, officials, coaches and volunteers
  • To act as a catalyst for enhancing awareness, opportunity and participation in a sport and/or sub region