CPISRA Challenge Champions

In 2021 we are pleased to announce our Challenge Champions as part of CPISRA Virtual Challenge Series. Let’s take a look at our champions

Réka Deák

Age: 28

Country: Hungary

Réka is a Race Runner and got involved in the challenge series in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep her motivated and have a goal while there were no competitions for her. Her aim to complete all the challenges in 2021.

The tip that Réka would like to share is, keep striving to achieve your goals and keep moving!

Benjamín Francisco Cárdenas Muñoz

Ag: 14

Country: Chile

Benjamín is a 100, 400 and 1,500 metres track athlete. He got involved in the challenge series in 2020 finding it a very positive experience. It gave him additional activity during a time there were limited opportunities. It allowed him to compare alongside other athletes and evaluate his performance.

Benjamín hopes to surpass his records and record personal bests in some of the challenges in 2021. He hopes to inspire others around the world to get involved in this excellent opportunity.

Benjamín tip is “dare, never think you can’t, do your best while competing and enjoy the competition.”

Maria (Maz) Strong

Age 49

Country: Australia

Maz is a multi-sport athlete competing in seated throws, Frame Running and masters swimming. She got involved in the #LetsMoveCP challenge during the pandemic as she needed a challenge to keep her motivated and her challenge certainly did that taking over 3 months to complete.

With so much uncertainty in 2021 Maz doesn’t know what the year is going to bring but wants to keep moving and keep challenging herself.

Maz’s top tip is “If your part of the world is currently in lockdown, try building movement into your daily routine (can you do chair press outs or sit to stands while waiting for the kettle to boil?). And connect with others to work out, even if that’s only possible over zoom”.