CP Bowls

What is CP Bowls?

Bowls is a game played with heavy bowls, the object of which is to propel one’s bowl so that it comes to rest as close as possible to a previously bowled small bowl (the jack).

Who Can Take Part?

Individuals with either physical, intellectual or visual impairments qualify for CP Bowls on a competitive level. However, anyone can take part in CP Bowls recreationally.


Within Bowls, there is no single classification for individuals with Cerebral Palsy. However, the International Bowls for the Disabled (IBD) classification system is designed to classify individuals fairly according to the degree of impairment that they have.

For individuals with physical impairments, individuals will be placed into either B5, B6, B7 or B8. All of the physical impairment classifications are for ambulant and wheelchair bowlers, but the lower the classification, the greater amount of functional difficulty a bowler will have.

International Bowls for the Disabled

The International Bowls for the Disabled (IBD) was set up as the independent body governing Para Bowls in 2005. Para Bowls is no longer a Paralympic sport but is enjoyed by many people recreationally throughout the World.