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Activity Camps

Activity camps provide development, social and education experiences to encourage and increase participation in outdoor physical activity, both in day to day life and in more challenging, adventurous settings.

CPISRA held its inaugural outdoor adventure camp for adults with cerebral palsy and related conditions in September 2019 at the Calvert Trust Lake District (UK). The 2020 camp has been announced for the 31st August – 4th September 2020. More information at .

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Sport Development Camps

Sport Development Camps provide a development and education experience to introduce, encourage and grow participation in a particular sport(s) or sub region. To enhance competitive opportunities and pathways for all.

Sport Development Camps embrace CPISRA’s mantra of Opportunity, Development and Participation. They do this by providing a competition for each sport as well as a development camp of between 1 and 5 days. Inclusion of education workshops and seminars is also encouraged. Member countries can request to hold a CPISRA Sport Development Camp at any time.