What is CPISRA?

Cerebral Palsy affects 17 million people worldwide and is the most common motor disorder occurring in childhood. CPISRA is the leading international sports organisation governing and promoting sport and recreation for Cerebral Palsy (CP) and related neurological conditions. It was formed in 1969, initially as part of the International Cerebral Palsy Society (ISCP) until it gained independence in 1978. CPISRA aims to provide and promote opportunities for recreational sport and activity, to develop grassroots adaptive sport, and facilitate platforms for regional and international competitive and elite sport. CPISRA is a founding organisation of the Paralympics and one of only four International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled (IOSD) recognised by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to represent impairment groups.

All people who have Cerebral Palsy or related neurological conditions have the opportunity to benefit from and participate in sport and recreation throughout the World

CPISRA’s vision

CPISRA focuses on increasing opportunities for recreational sport and exercise, the development of adaptive sport, and facilitating national, regional and international sporting events. CPISRA also invests in developing people in the CPISRA Academy, and aims to extend the number of qualified classifiers, coaches and trainers at national, regional and international levels while recognising the diversity of cultures and ensuring improved communication and information.