Below are some frequently asked questions about CPISRA’s World Games if you would like additional information or would like to ask another question please contact . We will add further questions and answers as we progress toward the World Games.

Is there a dedicated website for the World Games?

Yes. The LOC (Local Organising Committee) has created the website: .

My country is not sending a team, but I still want to participate – can I still participate?

If your country is a member but is not sending a national team then following options apply:

  • Another organisation may, with the approval of the national member and CPISRA, send a team.
  • If you meet your sport entry criteria then you may, with the approval of your national member, enter as an individual and compete under your national flag.
  • Email for entry details under this circumstance.

Note: You cannot enter without approval of your national member.

My country is not a member of CPISRA - can my country still send a team?

If your country is not a member and you meet the entry criteria then we encourage you to contact

CPISRA will consider your application for entry and you may be allowed to enter as an individual competing under CPISRA flag.

My country is sending a team, but I have not been selected – can I still participate?

Yes you may, as long as you meet the sport entry criteria and you have approval from your national organisation.

Email for entry details.

Is there any financial assistance available for individuals or countries in order to attend the games?

Financial assistance is not directly available from either the LOC or CPISRA. On the following link there are self-fund raising ideas which may help, .

Will there be training facilities?

Yes. Please refer to entry information and schedule available on World Games website

How accessible are the venues and accommodation?

All venues are accessible. Access to all accommodation is accessible and accessible rooms will be provided.

I have participated in a World Para European Swimming Championships or a World Para European Athletics Championship, can I still participate in the CPISRA World Games?

Yes. Entry is open to all who meet the minimum entry requirements

Will it be IPC recognised and will the events be subjective to international rules?

All sports will be subject to the international rules of the respective international governing sports body. International recognition will be as follows:

Athletics: IPC Recognised IOSD Athletics Championship

Swimming: IPC Recognised IOSD Swimming Championship

CP Football: IFCPF CP Football World Championship U/19

Para Taekwondo: World Taekwondo Sanctioned Competition

The development sports (Boccia, Female CP Football, Para Table Tennis and Wheelchair Slalom) will be delivered as a 2 day training camp followed by 1-2 days development competition. The competitions for the development sports will not be international recognised competitions for the purpose of international rankings.

I have participated in an IPC (World Para) World Championships and/or a Paralympics, can I still participate in the CPISRA World Games?

Yes. Whilst CPISRA World Games focus is on development of talented athletes, we encourage you to enter as a role model and help to encourage others.

I have represented my country in one sport at an IPC World Championships and/or a Paralympics but I also compete in another sport, am I eligible to compete in that sport at the CPISRA World Games?

Yes, provided you meet the entry criteria.  If under contract with your other sport we advise you to check the conditions of that contract.

Will there be Anti Doping?

Yes for the international sanctioned competitions in the following sports : Athletics, Swimming, CP Football and Para Taekwondo.

When does the athlete village open and do I or my team need to be at the opening and closing ceremonies?

The athlete accommodation will be available from 4th August, 2018. Please check entry details for final arrival date for your sport. Instead of a closing ceremony there will be a Celebration Ceremony. If you are in attendance at the Games on the day of a Ceremony then we encourage you to attend that Ceremony. Opening and Celebration Ceremonies have been scheduled to not interfere with competition preparations.

Will there be transport available to and from my venues?


Is airport transportation provided?

Yes if you arrive in accordance with Games arrival and departure dates.

What are the minimum qualifying distances / times / points for my sport?

There are qualifying standards for the international sanctioned competitions in the following sports; Athletics and Swimming. Please refer to your sport’s entry criteria on the Worlds Games website: