Sitting Volleyball

Sitting Volleyball

Sitting Volleyball made its appearance in the Paralympics during the 1980’s. It is inclusive to all individuals with physical impairments, where there is up to 12 players on a team, requiring them to work as a team and assist each other in trying to score points against another team. Men and women play separately. However, Sitting Volleyball can be played locally, nationally and internationally, where apart from some adjustments to the rules, Sitting Volleyball is played to the same rules as able-bodied Volleyball.

Sitting Volleyball Events

Sitting Volleyball can be played at local, national and international level, either on a league type format or a championship type format.

Eligible Impairment Types

Individuals with a physical impairment can participate in Sitting Volleyball. However, for competition, individuals would require to be able to sit on their bottom unaided.

Classification Classes including Cerebral Palsy athletes

Due to the format of the game of Sitting Volleyball, there is no specific classification for individuals with Cerebral Palsy. However, alongside all individuals needing a physically impairment to be eligible, individuals can either be classified with a ‘MD’ classification (which means that individuals have an impairment but this has a minimal impact on their performance), or a ‘D’ classification (which means individuals are affected the most by their disability).


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