Table Tennis

Introduction to Table Tennis

Table Tennis is an inclusive sport open to all individuals with physical and learning impairments. It was first introduced into the Paralympics in Rome in 1960 and have developed with athletes from over 100 countries now involved. It can be played standing up or with individuals sitting in wheelchairs.

Table Tennis Events

It can be played through singles and/or doubles.

Eligible Impairment Types

All individuals with physical impairments and/or learning impairment.

Classification Classes including Cerebral Palsy athletes

Within Table Tennis, there is no single set of classifications for individuals with Cerebral Palsy. However, the classification system is designed to make sure that individuals are put into classes based upon their ability to grab, control their core and different parts of their body, balance and do different skills which are found in Table Tennis including hitting the ball with a forehand and backhand movement. Table Tennis Classifications range from 1 to 10, along with individuals’ with learning impairments being classed as 11.  Therefore, individuals with Cerebral Palsy will be put into a specific classification according to their ability to do certain general and Table Tennis movements / skills.


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