Sport for Quality of Life

Introducing CPISRA Recreation

CPISRA is passionate about promoting sport for recreation, well being and enjoyment, as well as sport development and competition. CPISRA’s primary objective for Recreation is to increase the number of people with Cerebral Palsy and related neurological conditions undertaking regular physical recreational activity. We need to achieve this by inspiring people to try a recreational activity, by raising the awareness of the fun, fitness, psychological, well-being and social benefits of participation and to show the range of possible activities.

What Is Recreation?

Recreational sport can take many forms and at its simplest is defined as taking part in an activity that you enjoy in your spare time. Engagement in recreational sport can be participating in a sport itself, volunteering with sport or spectating sport in your community. Participation in recreational sport increases physical fitness, improves psychological wellbeing, provides social benefits for individuals and communities, and is FUN.

For CPISRA, the “R” in CPISRA is for Recreational activities that provide both physical fitness and well-being benefits and meet one the following categories:

  • sport with no competitive performance pathway. e.g. Table Cricket, Frame Football, etc.
  • non competitive physical activity with a connection to a sport. e.g all ability cycling, recreational sailing, etc.
  • leisure time outdoor or related outdoor activity that is physically challenging. e.g. hiking, recreational skiing, etc.

Why Is Recreation Important?

Participation in sport can increase general ‘life satisfaction’, by providing opportunity for enjoyment and happiness and reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress, as well as increasing social interaction, confidence and self-esteem. Participation in recreational sport develops and maintains physical and mental wellbeing, and promotes good health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Inspiring Videos

We introduce Julie McElroy, CPISRA Head of Recreation, who in a series of 3 short videos outlines her recreational pursuits and her passion to lead an active lifestyle as well as her hope to demonstrate what is possible to the CPISRA community.

Recreation Inspiration

Sharing stories of what you’re doing all over the world to stay active and have fun

Recreation News

Interested in the 2019 Outdoor Recreation Camp?

Fill in the form below if you are interested in hearing more about the Inaugural CPISRA Outdoor Recreation Camp happening in September 2019, or email lauren.milstead@cpisra.org directly

We Want To Hear From You

share your recreation stories!

Do you take part in regular recreational sport? Have you achieved something extraordinary, breaking the barriers of your disability? We’d love to share your story. Please email info@cpisra.org to get involved!