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Fundraising Ideas 

Donations are vital to CPISRA as they enable us to increase the opportunities that we can provide to individuals with cerebral palsy in terms of competitive sports and recreation opportunities.  A list of many different ideas are listed below to inspire you. The fundraising ideas can also be used by individuals or organisations to raise money in order to be able to attend the CPISRA World Games 2018.

Fundraising for CPISRA

Any donations big or small are necessary for CPISRA to continue providing opportunities for individuals with Cerebral Palsy, the below ideas are suggestions to ways in which you can raise money to support us. Any money that you raise can be donated through BTMyDonate (see below) or you can email if you would like to do a bank transfer.

To donate click on the following link; Click to Donate to CPISRA

Please contact if you have any questions.  If you decide to fundraise please contact us so we can inform others of your great accomplishment.

Thank you



  • Afternoon tea – put the kettle on and get baking. Entertain guests with raffles, auctions, tombolas & live music
  • Art exhibition- stage an exhibition for local artists. Charge entrance fee and commission
  • Auction Night – auction off original items, taking a percentage of sales, or auction services of people and businesses – anything from singing lessons to dinner for two
  • Barbecue or Garden Party- provide food and drinks and/or get people to bring their own, charge a fee for entry, add some music, play some games to raise more money
  • Bingo Night
  • Board game party -invite friends over to play Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo etc. Charge entrance or game fee.
  • Book Sale – sell books, collected from everyone you know
  • Computer Games Competition 
  • Darts Tournament
  • Easter Egg Hunt – edible hide and seek. Charge entry, could also have a bake sale as well.
  • Film evening
  • Halloween party – charge entrance fees and raise money trick or treating
  • Have a Coffee Morning – raise money you could charge an entry fee, charge per cup, sell cakes, run a quiz or competition, hold a raffle, bingo etc
  • Have a Fair/Fete – Charge each stallholder a fee or take a percentage of their takings. Charge a small entrance fee, hold a tombola, treasure hunt, guess the birthday of the bear competition, face painting, guess the weight of the sweet jar competition  etc
  • Have a Lip Sync Competition – money for entry/money for watching/voting
  • Have a Makeover/Spa night
  • Have a Quiz Night – charge fee for every individual or team, could sale cakes depending on venue, have extra competitions to raise extra funds
  • Hold a Race Night
  • Jigsaw Marathon – Each person has a jigsaw and is timed to see how long it takes to complete. Once all are completed, the jigsaws are passed onto the next team and so this continues until all jigsaws have been completed. The winner is awarded a small prize.
  • Quiz competitions
  • Stand Up Comedy 
  • Talent Show
  • Treasure Hunt – sniffing out the clues, teams compete against each other to discover the ‘hidden treasure’
  • Zodiac evening – invite a guest astrologer for a star-studded fundraiser. Charge for entry and horoscopes
Sports/Adventure Activities


  • Abseiling
  • Aerobics – Organise a sponsored aerobathon with the help of gyms, leisure centres and sports shops
  • Complete an adventure challenge like skydiving, bungee jumping
  • Cycle from one location to another over a certain distance
  • Cycle-a-thon – get sponsored for every mile you cycle
  • Dance Marathon – get a group of people together who each get sponsored for every 5 minutes for example of dance you do
  • Have a 5 a side Football Tournament
  • Mini Olympics/Paralympics- invite everyone you know to compete in traditional & silly sports. Charge entry fee
  • Nature trail – offer guided walks to natural beauty spots for a fee
  • Pram/Pushchair run
  • Run a fun run, half marathon, marathon in return for sponsorships donations
  • Run or Cycle to work for a week in return for sponsorship donations 
  • Sports competition – whatever your game, organise a tournament. Sell tickets, and organise stalls, raffles, etc
  • Swim-a-thon – get sponsored per length, mile, minute, hour
  • Walks – lead organised walks to historical spots and places of interest
  • Water sports – get sponsored to try one
Other Activities


    • Break a world record and get donations for achieving it 
    • Car boot sales 
    • Compile a local information booklet for distribution at libraries shops and businesses. Include info on local attractions. Make money with adverts and discount vouchers from local firms
    • Cook for your friends and charge them restaurant prices for your food and donate the profit
    • Crowdfunding
    • Dye your hair a crazy hair colour
    • Dog Walking
    • Fill Smartie tubes with coins – hand smartie tubs to friends and family for them to fill with coins
    • Get Sponsored to give something up for a month e.g. a food that you love
    • Have a lemonade stand
    • Have a sponsor head shave, leg wax
    • Have an arts and crafts store and sell things that you and your friends have made
    • Helping out relatives, neighbours for a small fee or donation
    • Hold a Car Wash
    • Instead of asking for presents ask for donations
    • Left-handed day – try doing everything with your left hand for the day
    • Putting a talent to use – photography, busking etc
    • Provide lessons in a skill that you have and charge a fee – for example music lessons, language lessons, baking, arts and crafts etc
    • Sell unwanted items on Ebay
    • Sponsored silence
    • Supermarket shopping bag packing- contact or write to your local supermarket asking if they would allow you and a team of people to pack bags and ask for donations 
    • Taxi Service – Offer to drive your friends, work colleagues, neighbours and charge a fee per mile 
Things That Can Be Done At Work

Things that can be done at work

  • Ask to have a themed clothes day at work – and ask people for donations in return
  • Bad tie day – charge your colleagues a fee to come in wearing their loudest tie. Award the winner a prize
  • Guess the Birthday of the Bear
  • Guess the weight of the sweetie jar
  • Guess who? Ask everyone to bring in baby photos of themselves and ask people to pay to identify their colleagues.
  • Have a bingo day
  • Have competitions and donate portion of the money to CPISRA – for example which team is going to win the World Cup or Football League, who is going to win a tv competition show
  • Hold a Bake Sale
  • Office Olympics/Paralympics – office chair race, paper ball throwing, fast typing, origami contest etc, charge a fee for people to take part in each event
Things That Can Be Done In School

Things that can be done in school

  • Ask to have a non school uniform day – and get students to donate a certain amount (e.g. a pound) in return for being able to wear their own clothes
  • Guess the Birthday of the Bear
  • Guess the weight of the sweetie jar
  • Guess who? Ask teachers if they would be willing to bring in baby photos of themselves and ask people to pay to identify their teachers
  • Hold a Bake Sale
  • Lip sync competition/talent competition