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CPISRA Camps Questionnaire – Please Complete

Should CPISRA hold and encourage international sports and/or activity camps? If so what sort of camps?

We would very much like your help to answer these questions, please complete one of the relevant questionnaires below. We would like lots of people around the world to complete a questionnaire so please let others know.

This questionnaire is part of research that CPISRA is doing into the demand for sports camps and recreational activity camps for individuals with Cerebral Palsy or other neurological conditions. The research is also looking at individuals’ participation in sports and recreation. Any data from this questionnaire will be used to help CPISRA to increase the number of opportunities available for people with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditions. The questionnaire’s will be open for completion until 15th November 2017.

Thank you.

Questionnaire for individuals with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditionsQuestionnaire for parents, carers and guardiansQuestionnaire for professionals

Please note professionals includes teachers, support workers, therapists, doctors, coaches, etc., who work with individuals with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditions.

If you have any inquiries, please email Graham Condie, CPISRA Research Officer at graham.condie@cpisra.org.


CPISRA Academy & Camps : New Intitiative

CPISRA is planning to develop an Academy model as well as residential camps. Academy programmes and Camps will be Sport, Recreation/Activity and/or Personal Development based. Camps may include all three categories. Camps will be carefully tailored and structured and develop the person as well as the athlete.


Over time CPISRA plan to introduce a range of Camps , such as :

  • Introducing CPs to Sport and Recreation.
  • Preparing Talented athletes to be Elite athletes
  • Summer Activity/Recreation Camps.
  • Helping Elite Athletes to cope with life after International competition.
  • Encourage mature CPs to participate in Sport and Recreation.
  • Over time may have camps particular
  • Intensive Sport Training, one sport or related groups of sports.



The Academy programmes will:

  • encourage and equip our current and past athletes to participate further in sports development, coaching, promotion of recreation and/or sports administration.
  • help educate coaches, volunteers, classifiers, administrators on CP participation in Sport and Recreation. 


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